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2012. No. 4.
ISSN: 2074-5885 (online)

Self-actualization motive in sexual behavior of adolescent girls

Valova Y.A. Ph.D. student, St.Petersburg State University, Psychology faculty, Behavior psychology and abnormal behaviors prevention , St. Petersburg, Russia, yulspb@mail.ru

The article presents the results of empirical research of interconnections between the self-actualization process in adolescents and peculiarities of their sexual life. The sample included 148 girls aged from 15 to 17 years old; 88 of them made up the group of sexually active girls and 60 of them – the group of girls abstaining from sexual activity but dating a partner. The research revealed that self-actualization motives in girls engaged in sexual activity and abstaining from it manifest in a different manner. Sexually active girls accept the values inherent to a self-actualizing personality; they are more appreciative of their strengths but also more dependent on the majority opinion. Self-actualization in girls abstaining from sex manifests as more independent views and opinions, more flexible and authentic behavior. The effect of certain traits of a self-actualizing personality on peculiarities of adolescent girls’ sexual behavior is analyzed in detail. The revealed factors allow describing the main trajectories of preventive and correctional work

Keywords: self-actualization, motivation behavior, sexuality, adolescents

Rubric: Developmental Psychology

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