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2013. No. 5.
ISSN: 2074-5885 (online)

Scientific and methodological support for socialization of teenage mothers in the specialized agencies

Mihailovskiy V. Doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor, Chair of social pedagogics of faculty of social pedagogics, Moscow State University of Psychology & Education, m.vg@mail.ru
Pestov V. Doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor, Chair of military akmeology and cybernetics, Military Academy of Rocket Armies, Moscow, Russia, va_pestov@mail.ru
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The paper deals with the issues that arise in solving problems of socialization of teenage mothers. The article is based on an analysis of the activities of the specialized agencies, in which minor expectant mothers from fourteen years, and teenage mothers with children under the age of one year (as an exception - up to three years) can live. Problems associated with the socialization of teenage mothers, are due to the internal and external factors on the activities of the institution. In addition, most pupils personalities do not fit the conventional patterns. In the period when the pupils live in their learning institutions, they are provided with life skills in modern conditions, formation of their abilities and skills for life, child-rearing, recreation, family budgeting, etc. Socialization of pupils considering their situations is focused on their social adaptation, increase of their socially active position, facilitating their professional orientation and obtaining a profession. All this requires a strengthening of the scientific and methodical work. Consequently, it is necessary to study the scientific and methodical directions and content of interaction with the social institutions of Moscow in order to realize their potential in solving the problems of socialization of pupils, effective use of social and cultural institutions, institutions of general and vocational education.

Keywords: socialization, technique, specialized agency, orphanage, adaptation, methodical work, science

Rubric: Family Psychology


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