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Psychological Science and Education psyedu.ru
2014. Vol. 6, No. 1.
ISSN: 2074-5885 (online)

Extremism among young people and its prevention in educational organization

Kirsanov A. Doctor of political sciences, vice-rector, head of the center, Moscow state university of psychology and education, Center of Monitoring for the Safety of Education, Moscow, Russia, kirsanov_mgppu@mail.ru
Davydov D. Ph.D. in Psychology, Senior Researcher, Moscow State University of Psychology & Education, Center of Monitoring for the Safety of Education, Moscow, ddavydov@campus.muh.ru
Zavalskiy A. Head of sector, Sector of information, methodological support and education, training and methodological division, Interagency Resource Center monitoring and safety inspection of the educational environment, Moscow state university of psychology and education, Moscow, Russia, Zavalsky1@yandex.ru
Skribtsova N. Psychologist, Moscow State University of Psychology & Education, Center of Monitoring for the Safety of Education, Moscow, Russia, synergy13@mail.ru
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We describe the results of a survey of 50 experts – representatives of educational institutions of Moscow, district education authorities and the staff of the juvenile justice system. We note that the researchers often miss the opinion of the subjects of preventive work. Expert survey allowed to specify the conditions and behavioral manifestations of contemporary youth extremism, rank his psychological reasons, summarize the available methods and forms of prevention. We show the basic extremist ideas that are common among young people, and extremists speech features. The study revealed the understanding by the subjects of the preventive work of the “extremism” concept content, of goals and mechanisms of prevention, shows the typical difficulties in this work. The results can be used to search for new and more effective forms of prevention and improving the organization of preventive work in general.

Keywords: extremism, prevention, expert interviews, aggression, violence, youth, education

Rubric: Adolescence Psychology

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