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Psychological-Educational Studies
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All rubrics

General Psychology (2)

Interdisciplinary Researches (11)

Psychological Diagnostics (14)

Educational Psychology (153)

Psychology of Professional Activity (25)

Developmental Psychology (141)

Social Psychology (43)

Ethnopsychology (2)

Anniversaries, Conferences and Contests (4)

Juridical Psychology (62)

Innovative Models (1)

Pedagogical Psychology (43)

Family Psychology (13)

Psychological Counseling (4)

Clinical Psychology (37)

Competence Approach (3)

Scientific Research (17)

Organisational Psychology (2)

Experimental Psychology (2)

Health Psychology (1)

Foreign Research (2)

Psychology of Religion (20)

Psychology of Deviant and Criminal Behaviour (5)

Investigational Psychology (2)

Psychosocial Rehabilitation and Correction (18)

Psychology of Deprived Childhood (7)

Psychology of Creativity and Giftedness (9)

Sport Psychology (3)

Development of Professional Standarts (5)

Modern Preschool Education (5)

Studies (1)

Psychological Safety (16)

Psychotherapy (3)

Adolescence Psychology (13)

Testing of New Modules of the Basic Professional Educational Bachelor's and Master’s Programs (14)

Networking in Education (2)

Approbating New Modules of Basic Master's Programme in School Psychology (3)

Teacher Training (2)

Obituaries (3)

Introduction (1)

Results and perspective tasks of applying the professional standard of a pedagogue-psychologist (4)

Regional experience of approbation and application of professional standard of pedagogue-psychologist (6)

The problems of interdepartmental interaction at the provision of psychological, social and educational services and the practice of application of professional standards (4)

Empirical Research (4)

Young Researchers of Education (5)

Scientific Life (2)

Inclusion in Higher Education: Psychological and Pedagogical Research (11)

Publisher — Moscow State University of Psychology and Education
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